Why do I need to seal and protect my Stone?

stone sealerIf your stone is made from natural stone or man made stone we recommend sealing with a high quality sealer regularly for it to look its best. Your Stone is exposed to all the elements all year round. It has to deal with harmful UV rays, aswell as frost, snow and rain. No wander that it needs protecting. Left un-sealed it would be prone to moss, mildew, decay and staining. Therefore to combat this it is recommended that you seal your Stone.  

What type of Stone sealer should I use?
stone sealerThe type of sealer will depend on the type of finish you want on your Stone. We have everything from high gloss wet look sealers to invisible impregnating sealers. The most important point to remember is that you should only seal with a high quality sealer. The quality of the sealer is dependent on the quality of its ingredients, and using a high quality and recommended sealer will ensure the very best protection for your stone. 

How should I seal my Stone?
stone sealerYour Stone should be cleaned thoroughly and completely left to dry prior to application of the stone sealer. The surface of the stone should also be dry and the sealer applied and left to cure in dry conditions. To apply a second coat we recommend applying the next coat when the stone sealer is slghtly damp, Term wet on wet.