The Ultimate Sandstone Sealer


Reviewed and recommended by The Guardian and our best selling Sandstone Patio Sealer.

Our best selling Sandstone sealer. This Sealer is suitable for all kinds of Sandstone and Indian Sandstone paving slabs. Also available in gloss, satin and colour enhancer.

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Available in Invisible Matt, Satin, Colour Enhancer or Gloss
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Ultimater Sandstone Sealer

You will be amazed at how good this sealer performs on Sandstone and Indian Stone / pet safe

Ultimate sealer, repels all liquids, prevents frost damage, protects against staining and leaves a non-slip and natural finish with no residue, making it pet safe.

Also available in Satin, Gloss or Colour Enhancer

Newly laid Sandstone patios that have not been previously sealed should be sealed with Matt Invisible or Colour Enhancer as soon as possible. Satin or Gloss can only be applied after the salts have escaped and the stone has settled.

Ultimate Matt lasts up to 10 years and requires only 1 good coat. 

Seals all Sandstone and Indian Sandstone tiles. Ideal for interior and exterior. 

Apply with brush, cloth, roller or Spray gun. Wash all brushes in soapy water.

covers 8 to 10 sq metres per litre

Bio-Wash is a deeply penetrating biocide solution which removes moulds, algae, moss and lichens from external walls ponds, floors and driveways.
This is the first choice sealer of the trade, and our best seller - Perfect for all types of Concrete.  
Perfect for all types of Brick. You will be amazed at how good this sealer performs with just 1 coat
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