Interior and exterior Stone Gloss Sealer
Code:   (Wet Look Shine)

 Ultimate Stone gloss sealer 

Give stone a natural looking gloss shine this summer. Ideal on unsealed and previously sealed stone. leaves a natural shiny finish appearance on Paving slabs, patios, rough stone, sandstone, limestone, etc....  Apply with a brush or roller and allow to dry, Leaves a natural looking shiny protection finish. Areas of wear re-apply to maintain the shine. The ideal way to brighten up your stone. Easy to maintain.  

Stone Gloss SealerFor technical support please call 0207 193 0143.

Sample of gloss sealer on Slate. click on image

For interior and exterior stone.

Available in 1, 5 and 25 litre

1 litre covers 8 to 15 sq metres depending on porosity. 

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Available in 1 5 and 25 litre Choice of Interior & Exterior

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If the stone is greasy and dirty clean with pre sealer cleaner. 1 litre covers upto 50 sq metres.

To maintain your sealer we recommend After care cleaner.

Please contact us for more details.