Data, Ultimate Colour Enhancer. DESCRIPTION is a water-based, fluoro-carbon, impregnating liquid repellent, designed to invisibly protect and enhance interior and exterior stone, without leaving a “finish” or “sheen” on the surface. It will repel most water soluble liquids, thereby protecting against staining. “Ultimate Colour Enhancer” repels “mass” water / liquids but crucially it still allows moisture to evaporate freely from the substrate. This is often referred to as “breathable” but in fact means vapour permeable – allowing moisture to escape naturally from the structure. BENEFITS 1. Protection from staining. Most common building materials (stone/ Limestone/ Sandstone) are mineral based and are therefore ultimately prone to moisture absorption. Fluids once absorbed into mineral substrates often leave particles behind which “stain” the surface. Spillage of food and beverages of all types can permanently stain fire surrounds, natural stone floors and feature walls etc. “Ultimate Colour Enhancer” effectively guards against this problem making decorative stone and brick surfaces stain repellent and easier to clean. 2. Invisible (No surface “sheen”) Unlike sealers which usually contain a resin component, “Ultimate Colour Enhancer” dries clear and enhances delicately without leaving any “sheen”. It is a micro-porous repellent which dries to an almost invisible finish, so that the appearance of the stone is not spoilt or compromised by the very material which is supposed to protect it. APPLICATION In general it is very important that the surface to be treated is dry and any accumulated contaminants are thoroughly cleansed before application. As with all surface treatments you should apply to a small test area to check for compatibility before proceeding to full application. It is the user’s responsibility to establish suitability for the task in hand. 1. Cleaning If the surface to be treated is merely dusty, then vacuum thoroughly until all traces of dust are removed and proceed directly to application. If there is ingrained dirt - wash with clean warm water and only resort to the use of soap detergents if gentle scrubbing with nylon bristle brush and warm water is ineffective. Ideal for use on: Natural and man-made stone.

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