Stone cleaning article

Although other types of flooring come close, nothing looks more beautiful or classier than polished stone and marble flooring. However, maintaining this type of flooring can be a difficult task.

The first thing you must understand is that polished stone and marble flooring do require quite a bit of maintenance. The procedures you often use on your regular flooring probably won't work when it comes to these types of floors.

Many experts have argued that stone floors should be sealed because they are very porous. An impregnator that is silicone-based is most often seen on polished stone and marble flooring. However, it is often recommended that you should use a sealer that is water-based because silicone actually attracts unsightly dirt to your floor. The use of an impregnator helps to protect your floors from staining, whilst still allowing it to breathe. It also leaves your flooring looking natural.

Many polished stone and marble flooring are hydroxides, meaning they are natural alkalis. Therefore, using an acid-based cleaner will damage their surfaces. Any alkaline cleaner that is stronger than the pH level in the stone will also cause damage. Most polished stone and marble flooring is textured. In this case, you must take extra precautions when it comes to maintenance and care. Any stone floors with a textured surface can absorb much more liquid and moisture than a stone floor with a smooth surface. They stain much more easily, too. This means that any spills must be cleaned immediately.

Polished stone is susceptible to scratching from dirt and sand, therefore dust mopping is a must on a regular basis. In fact, to keep it looking as good as new, it is recommended that dust mopping should be performed several times each day.

Since polished stone also easily discolors when it comes in contact with water, you should not install it in high traffic areas. If you do, use rugs to cover the area where water can easily touch the floor.

If polished stone and marble flooring begins to lose its natural gloss, or even becomes scratched, you can use a polishing machine and a polishing powder to make it look as good as new. This is definitely a procedure that should be done often if your polished stone and marble flooring are in high traffic areas.

If your flooring does not have a finish on it, daily scrubbing and mopping should also be done to keep it looking clean and glossy. When scrubbing, it is best to use a soft brush to make sure you get into all uneven surfaces.

Polished stone and marble flooring takes a lot of maintenance to keep them looking beautiful. As long as you are willing to put in the time required, your flooring will be clean and glossy all the time.

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