Driveway and Patio Cleaning and Sealing Services
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Driveway and Patio cleaning and sealing services

We are specialists in all types of driveway and patio cleaning and sealing services, including:

Natural and man-made Stone, Indian Stone, Sandstone, Slate and Limestone. Block Paving, Brick, Concrete and crazy paving. 


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We are specialists in cleaning and restoring all types of stone, as well as experienced in all types of sealing chemicals and materials. Your patio will look as good as new and restoration can be carried out where needed. We use only the very best and latest machinery to restore your stone patio, remove scratches and leave it looking brand new. 


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Driveway and Patio cleaning and sealing services

All Stone driveways and Patios needs to be looked after and maintained properly in order for it to look its best and last for the longest time. Natural Stone can become stained, scratched, discoloured or even infested with mould or moss if it is not treated with care or protected with professional sealers. It needs more than a quick clean by a cleaning company. The mould needs to be killed, not just removed to ensure it does not return. Scratches and staining can only be removed with professional machines and diamond pads and lastly and most importantly the stone needs to be sealed with professional chemicals to prevent ingrained stains and to protect the stone from environmental damage such as mould, frost, rain and UV rays, which can cause discolouration, staining and worse cracking.  

Similarly driveways can also become stained with oil, tyre marks, weeds, dirt or algae. We will remove these with professional cleaning and restoration machines and leave it sealed to protect the stone for the longest possible time.


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Driveway and Patio cleaning and sealing services

The cost will depend on the size of the area and the damage that needs to be rectified, but all quotes are free and carry no obligation. Also payment is only made after you are completely satisfied with works carried out. We can guarantee a professional service, using only the best quality cleaning and sealing materials at a competitive price with no hidden charges. 


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..Very friendly and professional service. Arrived on time and did a good job cleaning and sealing my limestone patio.'

Rita Pace, Middlesex, London


'Thank you for restoring my stone patio. It looks brand new..'

Roger Wheeler, Surry


'...will be happy to recommend you.'

Caroline Zimmer, Kensington, London


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