Satin Sealer
Code:   (Satin)


A penetrating sealer which protects from dirt, water, oil, UV and alkaline infiltration. Suitable for all kinds of Natural and man-made stone. A Long lasting seal. The first coat penetrates into the stone and the second coat will help protect the surface. This may slightly enhance the colour of the stone and leave a sheen surface finish. A good base before application of gloss sealer. Not recommended on newly laid unsealed stone. If not previously sealed go to our stone sealer page and select Ultimate Stone and Tile Sealer, Matt invisible or Sealer and enhancer.

Coverage  8 to 10 sq metres per litre.

Review "Excellent binding and protection product for stone and lime. My building is listed and I can only use quality products. Technical advice was accurate and I rang in the evening and I had an instant response even on a Sunday. A satisfied customer. Well done. Paul Dalton, Stogursey, Somerset."

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