Fireplace Sealer
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Review by the Guardian If you want to do it yourself, go for a top-quality sealer that needs only one coat. Ultimate Fireplace Sealer (£39.99 now 25% off from, seals all Natural and Man-made Stone Fireplaces. Stephanie Zia. 

Slate Tile & Patio SealerThis is the first choice sealer of the trade and our best seller - Perfect for all types of POLISHED AND NON POLISHED fireplaces.  You will be amazed at how good this sealer performs with just 1 coat..

Benefits of Ultimate Fireplace sealer. Repels all liquids, prevents frost damage, protects against staining, non slip finish, leaves a natural finish, No harmful smells or residue are left. Ultimate Matt Lasts up to 15 years, Important - Only 1 good coat required.   

Click on image for type of finish. 

ULTIMATE SEALERNatural Invisible Matt

Designed not to change the appearance of the stone. Only 1 good coat required.

Also available in Satin finish, ULTIMATE STONE SEALER

Seals and leaves a surface sheen.

Ideal for interior and exterior Polished and honed stone fireplaces. Apply with brush, cloth, roller or Spray gun. Wash all brushes in soapy water.



Available in Invisible Matt or Satin

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Before sealing please clean with pre sealer cleaner if the fireplace is greasy or dirty.

Maintain your Stone fireplace with after care cleaner, Maintains the sealer and smells great.

Please contact us for more details.