Ultimate Sealers for Natural and Man-made stone.

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Review by The Guardian.

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Ultimate sealer, water protection

Ultimate Stone and Tile Sealer

Our one coat wonder, ultimate sealant for stone and tiles. This sealant has an invisible matt finish and can be used on any natural stones, slate, granite, travertine, terracotta, marble, granite and limestone.

Sealed stone tiled floor

Ultimate General Sealants 

If you are after a general sealer but want a gloss or satin finish, we can find a sealant for you. We also provide a colour enhancer and protection sealer.



Sealed Terracotta floor

Ultimate Stone Specific Sealants 

Looking for a specific sealer for your stone tiles? We offer a wide range of sealants for sandstone, limestone, granite, marble, terracotta, travertine, slate and natural stone.

sealed crazy paving patio

Patio and Masonry Sealers

We offer a wide range of sealants for patio and home building. Some of the sealants include stone fireplaces, patio, concrete, grout, bricks block paving and anti- slip treatments.

Non-Slip Treatment


Lady slipping on tiles 


Our non slip stone sealer for use on all types of granite, marble, limestone, travertine, natural stone, slate, concrete, ceramic tiles, grout, porcelain tiles and slate. This sealant protects against water, stains and that all important non slip protection. Ideal for both interior and exterior use. Weather resistant and east to use.


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Ultimate Stone Sealers

Endorsed by the Guardian and the product of choice for most professionals, this sealer has been specially formulated as an invisible sealant for stone and tiles. It does not smell and provides exceptional protection against water, staining, frost and UV.

 Suitable for:

  • All types of Interior and exterior Stone
  • Bathrooms
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Worktops
  • Fireplaces
  • Interior floors

Finish: Invisible matt finish

Sealant can be used on: 

  • Travertine 
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Terracotta



Water protection sealing on granite worktop 


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 water protection sealant tile

Pre-Sealing Cleaners and Aftercare

We do offer a range of pre sealer and after care cleaners to be used before and after sealing your tiles.  

 Ultimate General Sealants 

We have a range of sealers that can be used on slate, sandstone, natural stone, travertine, marble, granite, terracotta and limestone. From our range recommended by The Guardian, these sealants offer a range of finishes for your natural and man made stone.  


 satin finish stone tile

Ultimate Satin Finish

Seals and leaves a sheen onto the surface of the slate giving an extra surface protection. Satin finish may slightly enhance the colour of the slate and is ideal for soft surfaces such as patio and paving slabs. Ideal for all slate surfaces.


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 colour enhanced sealant on tiles

Ultimate Colour Enhancer

Seals and delicately enhances the colour of Natural Stone all in one. Ideal where UV is very likely such as patio and paving slabs. Gives excellent waterproofing protection and leaves a non slip natural finish look.


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 Gloss sealed patio slabs

 Ultimate Gloss Sealer

Is a penetrating sealer which when dries leaves a long lasting gloss shine known as a wet look finish. Hard wearing and easy to maintain.  Apply second coat for a higher gloss shine.. Picture to the right we used 2 coats of gloss sealer. For a higher gloss shine apply more coats.


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 Water protection sealant for granite worktop

Ultimate Gloss Sealer, High Traffic.

This has the same effect as the gloss sealer above,  but designed for high traffic areas. This will give a natural looking gloss shine on your paving slabs, natural stone, slate, brick or limestone.


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 Ultimate Stone Specific Sealers

 As endorsed by The Guardian, all of our sealers are the fist choice sealer for the trade industry. We have a wide range of sealers specifically designed for each of your natural and man made stone types such as slate, marble, travertine, sandstone, limestone, granite and terracotta. You will be amazed at how well our sealer works in just one good coat providing protection against liquids, frost damage, stains and leaving you with a non slip surface. Our stone sealers produce no harmful smelling odours or residue and lasts up to 15 years, leaving you with a natural invisible matt finish.



Patio and Masonry Sealers

All of our sealers, as recommended by the guardian, work wonders in just one good coat. These sealants provide protection against liquids, frost damage and staining, leaving you with a natural invisible finish (unless specified) and non-slip surface. Our sealers produce no harmful smelling odours and leaving no residue. Our Ultimate Sealers last up to 15 years!



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